Articles by Denise Edwards

She sells sea shells on the seashore!

She sells sea shells on the sea shore (not the best place to sell sea shells) but anyway we are celebrating our grey and white shell tablecloth!

Has Spring sprung in your house?

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, we’ve sandwiched some mini meringues with lightly whipped cream and decorated them with edible flowers.

If you go down to the woods today.....

Welcome to our charming table setting featuring a cozy blend of Scandinavian charm on the Scandi Woodland Jade oilcloth.

Featuring Hartley the Hare Design

Anyone remember Hartley the Hare from the TV Programme Pipkins? Hares are big in interiors right now with lamps, cushions and prints so why not a tablecloth too? 

Flippin’ Easy American Style Pancakes

Don’t let pancake day crepe up on you this year - its early on Tuesday 13th February!

Creating a Romantic Table Setting

Anyone planning a romantic meal for Valentine's day?  Why not impress someone you love with the perfect table setting?

The Pantone Colour of 2024 is Peach Fuzz!

The Pantone Colour of 2024 is Peach Fuzz and we've chosen 3 designs with a pop of peach for inspiration on how to integrate into your decor.

Clayful delights of earthenware

The soft, natural tones of clay create a soothing backdrop for your culinary creations. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast or an elaborate dinner party, earthenware tableware complements every occasion.

Let the food do the talking this Christmas

We find it hard to fit all the scrummy food onto the table for Christmas lunch with all the extra trimmings and table decorations. So this year we're choosing the practicality of a plain subtle tablecloth to let the food take centre stage.

Christmas Tablecloth Themes for this year

Let's talk colour themes for your Christmas decorations, gift wrap and of course table design! Last year we went all pink but we still need to get our decorations out of the loft but meanwhile here are some ideas for you.