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How do I measure my table?

What is a wipeable tablecloth?

Wipeable tablecloths are made from oilcloth, plastic, PVC or Teflon so they don’t absorb spills. They’re a practical choice for both homes and businesses such as cafes and nurseries as they don’t need to be washed, dried or ironed – you simply wipe them clean at the end of a mealtime.

We supply the width of our tablecloths as standard, (please see the product description of the design that you would like to order for the approximate width) so please order by the shape and length you require. Measure the length for rectangle tables, the diameter for round tables and the width for square tables and add at least 40 cm to allow for an overhang of 20 cm at each side.

If you work at your table, or if your children like to colour in or mess with Play-doh or water, a Wipe Easy tablecloth is a really easy way to protect your table from everyday wear and tear. Our wipeable tablecloths don't need to be hemmed as the PVC coating stops them from fraying.

How do I care for my Wipe Easy tablecloth?

The great thing about a Wipe Easy Tablecloth is that it needs minimum care and attention - simply wipe clean with a damp cloth at the end of your meal.

Please note that wipeable tablecloths are not heat resistant so you should not place hot cookware directly onto the surface.

We have found that there are a few food items which could stain your tablecloth. These include some tomato-based sauces and curry sauce as well as ink, shoe polish, nail varnish, lipstick. Newspaper print can leave a mark if the tablecloth is damp. There may be other foods/products that we have not listed that may stain your tablecloth – if in doubt, please ask for a sample so that you can spot test.

I have a large, wider than average table – can you help?

Yes. Because our tablecloths are cut to order we can accommodate any length from 100cm to 2000cm. If you need an extra-large round, square or rectangular tablecloth we can create the size you need by adding a neat centre seam. Our centre seam service is for customers who wish to order larger tablecloths in both round and square formats. All the stitches are on the underside of the tablecloth, however, please note the centre seam will have a tendency to lift. To help manipulate it as flat as possible we will lay tape along the seam on the underside of your tablecloth.  See a centre seam tablecloth photo example.

Once you receive your tablecloth you should keep the tape in place for as long as possible. It can be helpful to place heavy objects along the seam overnight. Please note the tablecloth will not be completely flat along the seam as two lots of oilcloth fabric are sewn together. We aim to pattern match but it is not always possible to pattern match and achieve the required width. Please call us if you need any further advice.

What’s the difference between oilcloth, vinyl, plastic and Teflon-coated tablecloths?

Plastic tablecloths are the same as PVC tablecloths and oilcloth tablecloths are the same as vinyl – we use all of these terms because we have found that customers use these names to describe what they’re looking for.

Plastic and PVC tablecloths are made from 100% plastic and are generally cheaper than oilcloth or vinyl.

Oilcloth and vinyl tablecloths are made from 100% high quality cotton with a PVC coating. This material drapes more naturally over the edges of your table. Similarly, Teflon-coated tablecloths are a fabric material which is coated with Teflon.

Do you supply businesses?

Yes, we supply tablecloths to lots of businesses like cafes, nurseries and care homes as well as schools. If you wish to place a bulk order please get in touch on 01606 833886 to discuss your requirements.

What advice would you give on choosing the right Wipe Easy tablecloth?

A wipe clean tablecloth is a great way to brighten up a room without having to redecorate. You can browse by colour, pattern or style on our website, so it’s really easy to find a Wipe Easy Tablecloth to suit your home.

Are your tablecloths suitable for use outdoors?

Yes, Wipe Easy Tablecloths are perfect for use outdoors. If you’re planning on using your tablecloth outdoors we do recommend you bring it inside after use – leaving it outdoors will lead to weather damage. If your tablecloth does get wet due to rain please dry it immediately on a line if possible or take it indoors to a warm environment so that is can dry.  If left in a damp state mould spots will occur.  We can even cut a hole for your parasol and edge it with a gold or silver trim – simply choose the ‘parasol hole’ option at the checkout.

If you’re choosing an outdoor tablecloth you may also like to buy some table weights or table clips to help keep it in place on a breezy day.

Can I order a tablecloth with a hem?

Yes. We can provide a bias binding service to hem your tablecloth at a cost of £20 per tablecloth. This service is available on all designs in our oilcloth and Teflon range. It is not available on PVC tablecloths.

While hemming or binding isn’t necessary as the coating on our tablecloths does seal the edges to prevent fraying, some customers feel that the binding does add a finished look and enhances the presentation of the tablecloth.  If you require a specific colour for the bias binding please contact us otherwise we will choose a colour for you that we feel blends in with the overall look of the tablelcoth.

Can you provide tablecloths for extra-large round tables?

Yes we can create extra-large round tablecloths by adding a neat centre seam. Simply measure your table, pick your design and then choose the size you require from our handy drop down menu, or get in touch if you need help.

How do I order free samples?

We endeavour to take the best quality pictures to reflect the colours in our fabric. However, we advise that you request samples from us to colour match. We send up to 6 samples free of charge. Simply fill in this form.

What are your delivery costs?

Postage starts at just £3.99 for all UK postcodes. For full details of our delivery charges, please click here.

Can I return my tablecloth?

All tablecloths are cut to order and cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturing fault or defect. Please note that the drop down size and shape menu on our website is to help you when ordering a tablecloth – we offer a bespoke tablecloth cutting service, there are no pre-made stock items available for order.