Have you been inspired by the wonderful creations on the latest series of The Great British Bake Off?  We certainly have.  Though with all that flour and icing sugar going everywhere, we don’t envy the people who have to tidy up after the show! 

It’s no wonder that so many people are inspired by TGBBO but don’t actually get around to baking at home because of the inevitable mess, especially if they have children who want to be involved in the fun.  After all, no-one wants to spend even more time cleaning!

However, many people (and parents in particular) have wisened  up to the fact that a wipe clean tablecloth can let you have all the fun of a family baking session while saving you lots and lots of cleaning time.

No need to wash a Wipe Easy Tablecloth – just wipe and go!

There’s no need to wash a PVC or oilcloth tablecloth – in fact, you’ll actually spoil the tablecloth if you do.  With the exception of pen ink and bleach, just about everything else will wipe off oilcloth, PVC, Teflon and plastic tablecloths.  So after a mammoth baking session, just wipe your tablecloth clean with a damp cloth and it’ll look as good as new.

Work at a lower level

Because a Wipe Easy Tablecloth will protect your kitchen table, you can bake at the table rather than at your kitchen worktops.  This is great if you’ve got young children and want to allow them to get involved because it’s usually much lower.  Of course, you can also get them involved in cleaning the table afterwards, often children are keen to help with the cleaning while they wait for their treats to bake.

Choose a funky design to encourage young children to bake

There are dozens of designs of oilcloth, PVC and plastic tablecloths on our website.  Take a look and choose a design which will appeal to your children.  Making the cooking environment child-friendly will encourage children to get involved.

Take a look at our range of PVC, oilcloth and Teflon tablecloths today.  You can shop by style, shop by pattern or browse all designs. Don’t forget, you can request free samples to help you choose the right wipeable tablecloth for your home.