Have you ever considered journaling, which is the practice of keeping a diary or journal that lets you think about your feelings surrounding certain events or periods in your life? Whether you use it to solve problems, reduce stress or just record your thoughts, it can transform how you view your life. You may even want to use it to set goals or express gratitude for the things you appreciate in your life.

Depending on your personality and what you want to focus on, write a journal that focusses on your specific needs. With the challenging times we have all been dealing with, many of us will benefit from investing a bit of time on ourselves to help get us back on track.

By spending just 10 minutes each day in a calm and quiet place, writing in your journal will help you clarify your thoughts and give you valuable insights into how you want to change or improve certain aspects of your life. It might turn out to be the best 10 minutes of each day you spend on yourself.

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