Forest to feast tablescaping: using wood in your table decor


Have you considered the practical and aesthetic uses of wooden accessories on your dining table?

Why not embrace the rustic vibe and add a natural, earthy look that creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Wooden accessories offer texture and depth to your table setting that contrasts with your crockery and glassware. And wood is so versatile it can fit into a wide range of décor styles from rustic farmhouse to modern and minimalist.

With the wide range of wood textures and colours, you will always be able to find a wipeable tablecloth design that will complement your wooden accessories, and who doesn't love a honey drizzler to make everything sweet! You could also introduce wooden placemats like these made from bamboo, use slices of quirky bark-edged log and tactile serving knives and spoons.

So branch out all and choose from our huge range of wipeable tablecloth designs to find the perfect choice for your timeless wooden accessories. You know it wood make your day! 

Styled on Lemons Yellow Oilcloth tablecloth.