This month, it’s time to tuck into an abundance of lovely leafy greens.  Seasonal produce for April includes spring onions, watercress, broccoli, cauliflower and kale, as well as succulent purple sprouting broccoli.

In-season vegetables are full of flavour so it’s worth taking the time to prepare and cook them properly to retain maximum taste and texture.  As with any dish, it’s all about timing.  Whether you’re steaming or boiling the vegetables, simply cut them into uniform sizes and set your timer so you don’t risk over-cooking.  No-one really enjoys soggy vegetables!

Meat eaters will no doubt have noticed it’s time for lamb – bring on the mint sauce!  We’ve tried and tested this roast lamb with herbs and honey recipe from BBC Good Food, and it’s as delicious as it looks .  Make your own mint sauce with Jamie Oliver’s irresistible recipe – it’s easy and so much tastier than from a jar!

And crab is at its best now, too.  Take a look at Delia Smith’s instructions on how to dress a crab , if you’re planning to prepare your dish from scratch.

Enjoy the flavours of April – happy cooking!