Scones Styled with Yellow Cornishware


Let’s extend the feeling of summer and indulge in the quintessential English tradition of cream tea, no matter what the weather is doing! Just imagine, warm risen scones straight out of the oven, smothered with lashings of luscious clotted cream with a generous dollop of strawberry jam on top. Well, that’s the Devon way of course – if you do it the Cornish way then it’s cream followed by jam.

So, get out your favourite mugs, pile up those scones on a colourful cake stand and pop the kettle on. Whether you’re in the garden enjoying a bit of September sun or sitting inside looking out, we can at least enjoy the summer experience of afternoon tea.

Styled on Flyaway Oilcloth tablecloth with everyone's favourite stripey crockery Cornishware in yellow!