We chose the designs for this year’s Christmas tablecloth range when Spring was in the air, and it’s surprising how quickly Autumn has come along.  No doubt the weeks leading up to Christmas will inevitably fly by. 

That’s why it’s never too early to start thinking about what you need to do to make Christmas wonderful – and a tablecloth which you simply wipe clean should go on every host’s list, especially if you’re feeding a crowd. 

The great thing about a PVC or oilcloth tablecloth is that it’s easy to keep clean and looking good from one meal to the next.  There’s no need to wash a Wipe Easy tablecloth – simply wipe off any drips or spills and your Christmas tablecloth will look as good as new.  No washing, and definitely no ironing!

There’s a great selection of festive designs to make your home look magical in the lead up to the big day. 

Christmas galaxy tablecloth

Christmas Galaxy oilcloth tablecloth

This design has featured in most of our Christmas tablecloth ranges.  We like it because it’s fun and festive, yet the stars pattern means it can be brought out again for parties and dinners throughout the year. Christmas Galaxy oilcloth tablecloth from £17.99

Christmas Woodland oilcloth tablecloth

Let it snow!  Our Christmas Woodland oilcloth tablecloth evokes everything we love about Christmas – Santa, snow, reindeer and snowmen.  The perfect backdrop to your festive table.  Christmas Woodland oilcloth tablecloth from £12.99.

Christmas tree red tablecloth

Christmas Tree Red oilcloth tablecloth

Everyone loves a Christmas tree and this lovely Tree Red oilcloth tablecloth will set the right tone in your home for a wonderful Christmas.  Christmas Tree Red oilcloth tablecloth from £12.99

Christmas Tablecloth

Christmas Gingerbread oilcloth tablecloth

Does this make you want to curl up beside a warm fire in one of these cosy houses?  We couldn’t resist the homely design of this lovely Christmas tablecloth.  Christmas Gingerbread oilcloth tablecloth from £12.99.

Polka dot red christmas tablecloth

Polka Dot Red oilcloth tablecloth

Our polka dot tablecloths are popular year-round, so if you’re looking for a Christmas tablecloth which you can also use throughout the year, this Polka Dot Red oilcloth tablecloth is the perfect choice for you.  Polka Dot Red oilcloth tablecloth from £13.99.

Red baubles Christmas Tablecloth

Red Baubles PVC tablecloth

For those of you who love nostalgia, take a look at our Red Baubles Christmas tablecloth.  Gorgeous reds and golds to bring out the festive spirit in everyone who visits your home.  Red Baubles PVC tablecloth from £7.99.

Noel red Christmas tablecloth

Noel Christmas PVC tablecloth

Can you spot Rudolf?  Noel Red is a modern, up-to-date Christmas tablecloth design, suitable for any home. Noel Red PVC tablecloth from £7.99.


View the whole range of Christmas tablecloths here.

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