Make the most of summer by planning a special picnic with friends (and make it beautiful with one of our gorgeous outdoor wipe clean tablecloths!)

It’s nearly September and the summer is whizzed by.  While we can’t pause the clock, we can help you to slow down and enjoy the sunny days we still hope to get.

While it’s so tempting to get busy when the sun is out – there’s always gardening to do or washing to hang out - one of the best ways to make the most of summer is to make a picnic and head outdoors, even if it’s only to your own patio! 

If you’re eating at home, a Wipe Easy tablecloth will make the perfect backdrop.  Don’t forget, you can now order your tablecloth for a patio table with a parasol hole to make it easy to use.  You can also have a wipe clean tablecloth with Velcro seam so it’s super easy to place on your patio table without having to lift your parasol.

If you’re heading out for the day, picnic benches are not always as clean and hygienic as you would like, so equip yourself with a lovely Wipe Easy tablecloth. A wipe clean tablecloth is clean and practical, which is especially helpful if you’re taking young children. 

Here are some of our most summery designs for picnic inspiration:

Maude Raspberry oilcloth tablecloth – a delightful floral wipe clean tablecloth pattern, perfect for a picnic.

    Confetti Sunshine oilcloth tablecloth – a fun, bright wipe clean tablecloth design which will set the right tone for your picnic.

Breeze Sage oilcloth tablecloth – a traditional check tablecloth in a gorgeous shade of green.