The lovely British Birds wipeable tablecloth inspired us to go out in the garden to see what we could find.

If you are in the garden you are very likely to spot some of nature’s treasures. We found this beautiful bird’s nest from last summer on the garden path and have spent a while studying how it was created. The clever construction consists of a mixture of moss, grasses, feathers and is finished off with a lining of horsehair to provide a soft cushioning for the precious eggs. And when the eggs hatch the chicks will be kept warm and cosy.

The simple wreath was made in a matter of minutes from a little willow tree laden with furry catkins that have just started to burst in the warmth of the spring sunshine. The young branches are bendy and easy to weave into a circle to make into an Easter wreath with ribbons and blossom.

If you are looking to get creative outside with the kids this Easter, why not try some of these ideas:

  • Gather some of nature’s materials to make 3D pictures on the lawn and lie sticks in a square or circle around the pictures as a frame.

  • Write little poems on tie on luggage labels and attach them to the branches of a tree in your garden.

  • Make sculptures out of natural materials.

  • Decorate sticks with ribbons and coloured string and using a nail, loosely attach two metal bottle tops together so that they rattle when the stick is shaken.

  • Invent new board games using natural materials as counters.

  • Make miniature gardens or mini sustainable houses on a plate using moss, earth and spring shoots.

When choosing your materials, you may want to consider only using materials which are plentiful, or which are already on the ground.

Whatever you end up doing, we hope you have a happy Easter.

Styled on British Birds Pastel Oilcloth tablecloth.