Easter is just around the corner and we like to have a few decorations around the house. This wreath was very easy to make and if you go out foraging you can find most of the materials you need. We painted some hollow eggs with grey and cream paint and used a small, stiff artist’s brush dipped in brown paint to flick the paint to create the speckled effect.


For this photo we used the Linum Grey Oilcloth tablecloth to sit the wreath on. The soft neutral grey of this cloth complements the pinks, yellows, greys and greens in the wreath making it an ideal cloth for a whole range of interior colour schemes.

Here’s what we used in our wreath

  •  Ready-made willow plain wreath or you can make your own by twisting flexible willow stems
  •  Curls of bark
  •  Pussy willow and hazel twigs
  • 6 hollow painted eggs
  • Feathers
  •  2 stems of faux blossom flowers – pink and white/yellow
  •  Hot glue gun
  •  Pink ribbon to hang

Once you have your willow wreath, start with the curls of bark and using the glue gun, stick these evenly around the wreath. Then glue the pussy willow and hazel branches so they extend out from the inside and outside edges. Glue the eggs evenly around the wreath and fill in the gaps with the feathers. Take the 2 stems of faux blossom and cut off the little clusters of blossom and arrange these to fill in the gaps, gluing them in place.

If you are going to hang your wreath, finish off by tying a loop of pink ribbon to the top of the wreath.

Styled by Lottie Francis at Creative Reach.