It’s that time of year when our gardens are coming into bloom and colours in the borders and pots start to pop. With many of us now having more of our meals in the garden, our attention is focussed on our outdoor dining spaces. So why not choose a tablecloth that looks great with your favourite flowers in the garden?

We were inspired by the beautiful purple tulips that flower every year in a large pot near our table and so we chose the pretty Linum Rose oilcloth to complement them. There is also a purple lilac growing in the garden, so we put a few sprigs in a jug on the table, helping all the colours to tie in together.

But you might look at the flowers in your garden and decide you want a more striking look and choose a contrasting colour for your tablecloth. If you look at a colour wheel, you will see that red and green are contrasting colours, as are yellow and purple or blue and orange. There’s always plenty of inspiration online for colour combinations and you can order 6 free tablecloth samples so that you can make sure the colours are right for your scheme.