You’ve spent time and effort buying those special presents for friends and family so why wouldn’t you want them to look gorgeous when all wrapped up?

Stag Silver

For a stylish display of gifts under the tree this year we thought we would wrap our presents in white and use a mix of silver and white ribbons for a sophisticated look. If the paper is too thin, it could potentially encourage some sneaky peaking so we chose a thicker paper that will keep the contents of the parcels secret until they are unwrapped and the contents revealed on Christmas Day.

The best tip we can give you to achieve a professional finish is to avoid having excess paper on each end so that you don’t have bulky layers to crease and fold. And what’s more, it reduces the amount of paper you need to use. If you don’t want the sticky tape to show, either use a matt finish or use double-sided tape and conceal it where the paper overlaps.

And for any awkward shaped gifts there are some helpful videos on You Tube that show you how to create a bag out of wrapping paper.

So, for a relaxing hour or two, pop on a Christmas playlist, pour yourself a glass of something sparkly and give those well-chosen gifts the wrapping they deserve!

Styled on Stag Silver oilcloth.

Paper, ribbon and present tags all from Hobbycraft.