How to dress your Christmas table

How To Dress Your Christmas Table


We don’t want to alarm you but it’s only a couple of weeks to go now until December 25th! We hope you’ve got all your Christmas shopping done and dusted, so you can turn your attention to one very important part of the big day – dressing the dinner table with your best china, cut glass and plastic tablecloths.


Making your table look nice for Christmas dinner is lots of fun and always much appreciated by friends and family so don’t neglect it if you can. Follow our top tips for dressing your festive table to perfection and people will be clamouring to come over each and every year for the rest of time.


  1. The tablecloth

You can now get lots of lovely fabric cloths to cover your table with in a huge range of yuletide designs, which will instantly make the dining room look festive. You could go for trees, stars, bright reds or Christmas baubles – a super-simple way of instantly giving your room a festive flavour.


  1. Place cards

Not everyone does this but adding place cards makes for a very lovely touch, especially if you have lots of people around and you don’t want them fighting over where to sit. Have a look on Pinterest for some ideas of ones you can make yourself, or perhaps scout around the shops to see what you can find.


  1. Centrepieces

If you’ve got some lovely candle holders, set them out on the table, or you could make a beautiful festive display using pine cones, holly, poinsettias and other really Christmassy bits and bobs. Just make sure there’s room on the table for the turkey!


  1. Positioning

Lots of you get confused about which side plates should go on and where the glasses need to go, but it’s quite simple really. Set your stemware above and to the right of your plate and position your side plate to the left. Your water glass should be above the dinner knife, with the white wine glass to its right and the red wine glass at the top in between the two.

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