There’s nothing nicer than playing host to a large gathering of friends and family over the Christmas period. At least, that’s the theory. 

The idea always seems a good one at the time it arrives in your head – a vision of a bustling house full of your favourite people, drinks and delicious party food.  There’s a wreath on the front door and mistletoe hanging in the hall, fairy lights glitter throughout the house and you waft through the scene wearing a beautiful dress, carrying a delicate glass of champagne. 

The reality, in my experience, is often something quite different. 

It entails an endless cycle of supermarket visits in the hours leading up to the event, followed by non-stop hosting duties (in which you’re probably still wearing the jeans you wore on the last supermarket run) and then hours of clearing up afterwards. 

It’s enough to put you off party hosting for life.  However, don’t be defeated – we may have a cunning plan to make the organisation less onerous and the actual event more fun. 

First of all think about all or some of the food, ready-made.  You may love cooking, you may love to use natural ingredients, but now’s the time to allow yourself to be converted to those lovely little platters of this and that which the supermarkets have on offer this time of the year. 

Secondly, we think it’s perfectly acceptable to enlist some help.  One friend can be responsible for getting some food items from oven to table without letting everything burn, and two can do the rounds every so often to ensure everyone’s glasses are topped up.  Think of it as a small but important test of true friendship!

And thirdly (of course) enlist the help of a wipe clean Christmas tablecloth.  This trusty friend is definitely the best choice for a buffet table.  It will stop you having to worry about spills and mess, and will save you all the washing and ironing which accompanies the use of a linen tablecloth. 

If you’ve ever used a wipe clean tablecloth, you’ll know how practical they are.  If you’ve not yet discovered how much easier they make life (at Christmas and throughout the year) why not browse our gorgeous festive wipe clean tablecloth range and treat yourself?