In our busy lives, do you find there are times when you crave a simple life, with less stuff and less clutter? Keeping life simple allows you to focus on the things that matter to you the most.

It’s no surprise that there are now professionals who will come into your home to declutter and help you to get rid of possessions that you no longer need. The benefits of living in a less cluttered environment are far reaching and can be life changing for many people.


The same applies to your table décor. There are times when you want a table covering that steals the show with an eye-catching pattern or vibrant colour. But have you also considered selecting a plain tablecloth in a neutral colour like the Dunham Taupe oilcloth like here? It has a lovely subtle overlaid texture design which provides a simple background, allowing your tablescape to be the main attraction. Whether you have brightly coloured crockery or simple stylish white, a plain tablecloth allows you to focus on what goes on it and how you want your table to look.


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