It may not be Christmas yet but the trend for decorating our front doors continues to gain momentum. Welcome your guests with this simple to make wreath which will last for several weeks and if you give it an occasional spray with water it may see you through to Christmas. We’ve used fresh bay leaves for our wreath and when the leaves start to dry, we’ll use them for cooking, in all those delicious warming casseroles and soups. If you have family and friends who love cooking, these bay wreaths make great Christmas presents.

Doorscaping - perfect wreath

For the base you can use a readymade wire ring, or you can make your own using thin bendy branches. For the foliage we suggest using an evergreen leaf like bay, box, laurel or holly. Cut short lengths of foliage and use them to create little posies which you can attach to your frame using thin wire, placing each new posy over the stems of the previous one so that it looks nice and bushy.

Once you have completely covered the wire ring, trim any leaves that need thinning out or look out of place. You can leave the wreath as a simple foliage ring, or you can add berries or decoration to suit your décor or colour scheme.

Styled on Rene Burnt Orange oilcloth.