With Spring just around the corner, what better time to focus on getting your home organised and getting rid of clutter? After all, you deserve a home that feels like a space for rest and comfort not a source of stress. 

Orla Kiely Declutter

Whilst the idea of transforming your home overnight may be a bit too overwhelming, there are practical things you can do to keep your home looking tidy with a minimal amount of effort. The internet is full of practical tips from professional declutterers like Marie Kondo who will help you to make your home a tidier, happier place.

The most manageable way to start is to tackle one room at a time. Have 3 boxes ready, labelled with what you intend to do with the contents – sell, charity shop and recycle. Start by clearing all the surfaces and putting everything on the floor so you can see what you have. Now be very strict and only put back on the surfaces what you use regularly and you may find you can ditch a lot of your other stuff. Then you can tackle your cupboards in the same way. If you find this difficult, you can do a quick initial declutter throwing away anything you know you dont need, then go back over the things you are not sure about a second time. The more decluttering you do, the quicker it will become and you will make those decisions so easily.

Enjoy the benefits of sorting out your home and your possessions which in turn will magically reduce the stress in your life.


  Styled on Orla Kiely Linear Stem Cool Grey oilcloth.