So there we are, sitting in the garden enjoying the afternoon sun, flicking through some books and listening to the birds happily chirping away, when we feel a real thirst come on. You know, one of those thirsts you just can’t ignore. Well, in a flash we’re in the kitchen, heading for the fridge and reaching for a handy chilled carton of chocolate milk. We give it a good shake and pour the foamy drink into a glass, leaving just enough room for several scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream and a few frozen raspberries to top it off. Et voila, we’ve got a delicious chocolate shake in seconds, no blenders, no whisks - just pour and scoop. What could be simpler and more delicious?

Now back to the garden table with our cheeky, choccy shake and a plate of homemade oaty flapjacks to put our feet up and enjoy our little afternoon treat and have some chill time. Because we’ve earned it!

Image styled on Narvik Seafoam oilcloth.

Small side plates - Daylesford

Octagon tray - John Lewis

Wire caddy - Sainsburys

Swing top glass bottle - similar from Lakeland

Melamine sundae spoons - similar from Amazon