Breath-taking blue and white table décor


When you think of blue and white, do you think of beautiful blue skies with fluffy white clouds, sparkling blue seas with white sailing boats, or stylish blue jeans worn with a white tee-shirt? This popular duo has stood the test of time in many aspects of our lives and also looks great for tablescaping. With so many tones of blue from royal, indigo, navy, cobalt or cornflower, they all look stylish when paired with white.

Rene Indigo

When choosing your accessories to go with this colour combination, team up with wood and raffia – the lighter woods like ash are better partnered with the pale blues, saving the darker woods like olive for the richer blues.

The combination of blue and white is timeless for entertaining all year round and not just for the summer season. Depending on the time of year and the festivals you might want to celebrate, you can introduce an additional colour to your blue and white backdrop. Just picture the pop of orange pumpkins at Halloween time, red berries at Christmas and yellow flowers in the spring.

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Styled on Rene Indigo design, also available in orange, grey and yellow.