If you’re hosting a special event this year and catering for a lot of people, our plastic tablecloths will not only help your venueto look the part, they will save you time too. 

Lots of people find our PVC plastic tablecloths are a cost-effective solution for wedding receptions, parties, Christenings and summer BBQs.  The right colour and design can act as an eye-catching backdrop to your dining area or buffet table.  Plus, because you simply wipe them clean, they’re ultra-easy to clear away afterwards!

You can choose from a range of plains or patterns and select up to six free samples before making your final choice.

We can make tablecloths for round, square, oblong and rectangular tables, and we can supply extra wide tablecloths

To order, simply follow these instructions on how to measure your table.  PVC tablecloths cost from just £7.99 per metre and oilcloth tablecloth prices start at £13.99.  (What’s the difference between PVC tablecloths and oilcloth tablecloths?) 

Here are some of our most popular PVC plastic tablecloth designs.

Perfect for Parties

Big dot plastic tablecloth  

Perfect for Weddings


Perfect for a summer BBQ



Do you run a hotel, restaurant or café? We provide a wide range of commercial tablecloths for kitchens and caterers, providing wipe clean tablecloths for all kinds of special occasions.  Browse all designs or get in touch to find out more.