Have you mastered the art of making a good cup of coffee? It may be drinkable but is it really enjoyable? Give your brew a boost with these top tips:


  1. Choose the best coffee you can. You may have your favourite brand but why not consider checking out your local coffee roaster? You can buy ground coffee but if you have a grinder, try using roasted coffee beans and grinding them yourself. Keep the beans in an air-tight container to keep them fresh.
  1. Use purified or filtered water to ensure you remove any of those trace elements that can impact the flavour of your coffee. Poor quality water can make your coffee taste bitter or acidic.
  1. Consider changing your brewing method. The pour-over technique is simple and efficient, but there are other methods you might like to consider. There are a number of small countertop machines that dont take up much space and produce a delicious cup of coffee to rival any coffee shop brew.
  1. Use a milk frother. If you have a coffee machine, it might have an integral frother. Alternatively, if you tend to make coffee for several people, you can buy a separate milk frother that will froth enough milk for several cups of coffee.
  1. Keep all your equipment clean. The gradual build-up of stains and residues can affect the taste of your coffee. Regular hand washing of your equipment might be sufficient, but for more stubborn stains, water and vinegar work well.
  1. Don’t overheat or reheat your coffee as this can make it bitter. Even keeping your coffee warm on a hot plate or in a thermos mug can alter the flavour over time.
  1. Experiment with a range of milks from soya, nut and oat which froth up just as well as dairy milk.

And, to add that professional finish, why not try your hand at latte art for a truly exceptional cup of coffee.


Styled on Mug of Tea oilcloth

Bambino coffee machine – Sage Appliances

Mini white plates – similar from Ikea

Ribbed white mug - Waitrose