A wipeable tablecloth could be the perfect solution to your Christmas preparations.

  • Ideal for buffets and large gatherings where spillages are likely.
  • Perfect for busy parents who don’t want the hassle of washing linen.
  • A great way to add a bit of festive cheer to your kitchen.

If you’re anything like us then every Christmas Day begins with a vow to be better organised next year! There’s no getting away from the fact that a successful Christmas takes a little planning and preparation. Although it’s all meant to be one long round of joy and happiness, so often it turns into a big round of stressful shopping, cooking, cleaning…and exhaustion.

Although we can’t solve all your Christmas organisation problems, we can certainly help you make your home look fabulous with a beautiful Christmas wipe clean tablecloth.  

Not only do they look great but they solve a cleaning problem too. Unlike a fabric tablecloth, our oilcloth and PVC tablecloths won’t need to be washed and ironed. Any spills can be simply wiped away with a damp cloth, including things that usually stain a fabric tablecloth, like red wine. Simple!

“The kitchen is the heart of the home, particularly at Christmas-time,” says Denise Edwards who founded Wipe Easy Tablecloths four years ago. “Creating a beautiful festive table is a great way to set the scene for your celebrations.”
Because our Christmas designs are always popular we’ve decided this year to extend the range.  So while you were probably enjoying the summer holidays, we were scouring the fabric design studios to find some wonderful new additions to the Wipe Easy Christmas selection!  Yes, it’s true, we’re always in a festive mood here at Wipe Easy Tablecloths! 

Our website will soon feature nearly 20 Christmas tablecloth designs so there will be plenty to choose from.  We particularly like new additions - Christmas Trees, Merry Christmas and Christmas Woodland – and are sure you will too, especially if you have children.  They’re so cute that in fact it’s impossible to choose one single favourite!

The great thing about choosing a Christmas design is that you don’t have to wait until Christmas Day to begin using it.  You can place it on your table when you put up your tree or begin to decorate your home.  That way you get a change of scenery in your kitchen or dining room, adding further festive atmosphere to your home.  And because it’s easy to keep clean, you don’t need to worry that it won’t be ready to use on Christmas Day.  A wipe clean tablecloth is so hard wearing that it is likely to still look as good as new on Christmas Day, even if you’ve been using it in the weeks leading up to your celebrations.
Here is a selection of the Christmas Tablecloths we have in stock:

If you like animal print wipe clean tablecloths take a look at ;

Christmas Owl oilcloth, from £11.99 per metre

Merry Christmas oilcloth, from £12.99 per metre

Reindeer Christmas oilcloth from £12.99 per metre

If you like the idea of Christmas trees and snow, check out:

Christmas Trees oilcloth tablecloth from £12.99 per metre

Christmas Woodland oilcloth tablecloth from £12.99 per metre

Simple patterns can make a strong backdrop to your Christmas table setting.  Take a look at:

Christmas Galaxy oilcloth tablecloth from £17.99

French Check Red Teflon Coated oilcloth tablecloth from £23.99 per metre

Polka Dot Red Christmas oilcloth tablecloth from £13.99 per metre

Fair Isle oilcloth tablecloth from £12.99

If you’re entertaining family and friends over the Christmas period, we hope a wipe clean tablecloth will add some drama to your table and make life a little easier to boot.

Don’t forget, when your celebrations are complete your wipeable tablecloth can simply be stored ready for use the following year.  We recommend opting to have your tablecloth delivered in a tube, that way it can be stored without the risk of creasing.

We hope you enjoy browsing the Christmas range.  If you have any queries about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Our lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.  You can also submit an online enquiry here – we’ll respond as quickly as possible!

Customers who prefer linen can browse our non-wipeable range at www.tablestyle.co.uk TableStyle offers a range of beautiful linen tablecloths, napkins and accessories – deep reds and elegant plains are good choices for Christmas themed tables.