If you want to freshen up the look of your kitchen this year without spending a fortune, a wipe clean tablecloth may be the perfect solution.

It’s surprising what a difference a pretty tablecloth can make to the atmosphere in your kitchen.  Choosing a colour and pattern which compliments or contrasts with your décor can really ‘lift’ the vibe of a room, making it feel fresh and modern in an instant. 

Add a vase of flowers and a bowl of fresh fruit and your transformation is complete.  It’s certainly beats re-decorating if you simply want to give a room a facelift!

Choosing your perfect Wipe Easy tablecloth

With around 300 designs to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect match here at Wipe Easy Tablecloths. 

It’s worth spending a bit of time thinking about the look you’d like to create in your kitchen.  Colour is the first key consideration - if you’re not sure what colour to go for take a look at our blog post on colour matching and colour contrasting.

The next thing to decide is whether you want a plain or a patterned tablecloth (you can browse by pattern here).   You’ll find a wealth of choice in spotty and dotty tablecloths as well as squares and checks and stars and stripes.  There are also floral tablecloths, animal and wildlife designs as well as a host of plain colours to choose from.

The perfect fit

All of our tablecloths are cut to suit the dimensions of your table.  Follow these simple steps to measure your table for the perfect fit (don’t forget to leave space for an overhang as this gives an attractive ‘finish’ to the look of your tablecloth). 

Never used a wipe clean tablecloth before?

If you’ve never used a wipe clean tablecloth, it’s worth considering the practical benefits.  There’s no need to wash, dry and iron a plastic or PVC tablecloth – you simply wipe away any mess or spills. Less housework is always a good thing, we’re sure you’ll agree!

You’ll also find a wipe clean tablecloth is a great way to protect your table when there are little ones around.  Lots of parents and grandparents (as well as schools and nurseries) use our tablecloths to protect their furniture when children are playing at the table.  Less anxiety about damage and clearing up makes playtime much more fun.

Browse our complete range of wipe clean tablecloths and don’t forget, you can order free samples to ensure you make the right choice.