We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new Velcro seaming service for outdoor tablecloths.  A Velcro seam is perfect for when you have an outdoor tablecloth with a parasol hole because when you want to remove the tablecloth, you simply unfasten the Velcro seam.  It’s so quick and simple!  

Denise Edwards, Founder of Wipe Clean Tablecloths, explained that the idea came from a customer.

“A lady rang to ask if we could add a Velcro seam to her outdoor tablecloth and we thought, why not?  We tested it and found it worked beautifully, so decided to offer this service to everyone.  It should make life easier for people who are using our wipe clean tablecloths on their patio tables, especially since some of the parasols can be quite heavy to lift.”

We are always looking for ways to improve our products and services.  Wipe Easy Tablecloths was one of the first to find a way to add a parasol hole to an outdoor tablecloth, and we received recognition for this in The Guardian Small Business Showcase.

We also offer:

  • wider width wipe clean tablecloths
  • hemmed wipe clean tablecloths
  • large round and oval wipe clean tablecloths
  • tablecloth clips and weights for outdoor dining.

All of our wipe clean tablecloths are suitable for use indoors and out so are a stylish and practical choice for your home and patio. 

Velcro seam

To add a parasol hole and Velcro seam to your tablecloth, simply choose your favourite design and then view the ‘optional extras’ menu before you checkout. 

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