These king-size ice fruity ice cubes are really slow to melt and will jazz up those long summer drinks.  Try using different fruits and herbs for a colourful display– we even used edible white lavender in ours.  Either buy the fruit and herbs from your local shop or pick fresh from your garden. You can use flowers too but check online to make sure they are edible. 

We used a jumbo-sized ice cube tray which you can buy from Sarah Raven and being a silicone tray, it is easy to peel away from the ice cubes. 

As ice can be sometimes be quite cloudy so it’s worth taking a few steps when making your fruit-filled cubes to get it a bit clearer. 

  1. Boil filtered water twice, allowing it to cool after boiling both times. Cover.

  2. Pour a little of the water into the ice cube trays, just enough to cover the bottom.

  3. Place in the freezer on a small piece of cardboard and cover with clingfilm and place a second piece of cardboard over the top to protect it from the harsh temperature.

  4. Once this layer has frozen, remove from the freezer and your first layer of your fruit and herbs and add more of the boiled water to just about cover them.

  5. Cover with the cling and cardboard and return to the freezer on the other piece of cardboard.

  6. Allow to freeze and continue layering up your fruit and herbs with the water, finishing with a thin film of water. Layering up prevents the fruit and herbs from sinking or floating to the top.

Featured tablecloth – Millions Tutti Fruity Oilcloth Tablecloth

Styled and photographed by Lottie Francis at Creative Reach