If you go down to the woods today.....


Welcome to our charming table setting featuring a cozy blend of Scandinavian charm!

The Scandi Woodland Jade oilcloth has a delightful mix of mother nature’s treasures. Woodland creatures, from playful squirrels to majestic deer and cunning foxes frolic amongst the foliage and seedheads, setting a whimsical charm to the scene. 

What better to complement the woodland scene than natural coloured table mats and napkins, layered dusty pink crockery topped with rustic bowls. We think the matt gold cutlery enhances our table setting, adding warmth and a little touch of luxury.

So, with everyone gathered around the table, it’s the perfect setting to share stories, hearty fare and toast to cherished memories. Skål!

Scandi Woodland oilcloth tablecloth also available in Ochre and Orange