Here at Wipe Easy we like to think we are a bit of an expert on wipeable tablecloths. So, with your chosen cloth spread nicely over the table, we thought it would be great to share with you the simple steps on how to lay your table.


Here we have used Chatsworth Natural from our range of Teflon-coated tablecloths. It has a slight texture, giving it a modern feel and the coordinating table runner adds further interest and colour to the table décor. It is a good idea to put your table decoration on the table next before you start to lay the table.

Follow these simple steps to lay your table for a more formal occasion:

  1. Arrange a table mat in the centre of each place setting and position the dinner plates on the mats.

  2. Place salad plates and soup bowls on the dinner plates.

  3. Fold coordinating napkins and place underneath the soup bowls.

  4. Lay forks to the left of the plates and knives (and soup spoons if being used) to the right. The knife blades should be facing towards the plate.

  5. Place dessert spoons along the top of each place setting with the bowl of the spoon pointing to the left. For a more formal setting, provide dessert forks which are placed below the spoon with the prongs facing to the right. Alternatively, you can place the dessert spoons on the right of the plate alongside the knives and the dessert fork with the forks.

  6. Space the cutlery evenly and arrange in the order in which it is going to be used.

  7. For each place setting arrange a large wine glass for red wine and a smaller glass for white wine if you are serving both. Finally, position tumblers to complete the group of 3 glasses which should be arranged just above the knives.

For tips on how to fold an angled pocket napkin click here.