With arrival of warm summer evenings, it must be the start of the BBQ season. Whether you are planning a small family cookout or a big barbecue party for friends, there are a few things you may need to get ready.

You might want to check over the BBQ if this is the first time you’ve used it since last year and clean up the racks with a wire brush. Stock up on charcoal or extra gas and find those long-handled BBQ tools that have found their way to the back of the kitchen cupboard!



It’s handy to have a small table near the BBQ so that you have an extra surface for the food you are going to cook. Not only is it a convenient place to keep your utensils, it ensures your iced gin and tonic is close to hand whilst you cook!

When it comes to what you are going to cook, there’s always plenty of inspiration for BBQ recipes online, many you can prepare well in advance. In fact, the flavours of some dishes will improve the longer they sit in their marinades and sauces. And you’ll enjoy the ease of taking your pre-prepared salads and puddings out of the fridge when you’re ready to serve them.

Finally, why not select a wipeable tablecloth for your garden table? We can cut your choice of cloth to fit the size and shape of your table – just add the measurements to your order. We have chosen the Dot Dot Tangerine Oilcloth for our circular garden table which we think looks great with the gold-coloured cutlery.