There are so many advantages to using a wipe clean tablecloth over fabric.  Here are just a few…

1. It’s easy to keep clean

If anything gets spilled on your PVC or oilcloth tablecloth, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth.  No need to wash, dry or iron your Wipe Easy tablecloth!

2. Helps to get you in the festive spirit

You can choose lots of delightful Christmas-themed wipe clean tablecloth designs.  Take a look at our Christmas section for all the inspiration you need.

3. They’re child-friendly

A wipe clean tablecloth is perfect to protect your table when doing Christmas crafts.  Instead of getting stressed about mess or damage, you can let your children or grandchildren have fun knowing that you only have to shake the glitter off afterwards!

4. No need to change your tablecloth from Christmas lunch to supper

Just wipe any crumbs or mess off your tablecloth and leave it in place until the next meal.  Enables you to spend Christmas and Boxing Day with your loved ones, rather than with the washing machine, tumble dryer and iron!

5. Looks good year-round

A wipe clean tablecloth isn’t just for Christmas!  You can choose a design which looks good year-round and use it every day.  See our suggestions on Christmas tablecloths which can be used throughout the year.

6. They’re perfect for buffet tables

A wipe clean tablecloth can make the perfect backdrop for your buffet table.  Choose a colour and pattern which you love and use it to make your party food look even more enticing!

7. They’re easy to store

If you have your wipe clean tablecloth delivered on a roll, we suggest you keep the roll and use it to wrap your tablecloth around whenever it’s not in use.  Alternatively, you can fold it neatly away and keep in a drawer or cupboard.  Please note that creases may take a little time to drop out.

8. No need to worry about spilled drinks

If you’re entertaining a crowd, you don’t need to worry about spills.  Use a clean damp cloth to mop up any accidents.

9. They’re made-to-measure

Because all of our wipeable tablecloths are made to match the specific measurements of your table, you can be assured of the perfect fit.  A well-fitting tablecloth means it will drape over the corners and edges or your table, giving a more pleasing finish.

10.Great value for money

Wipe clean tablecloths are very robust and prices start at just £7.99 per square metre.  With reasonable care you should get a lot of use from your wipeable tablecloth.  Find out more about caring for your wipe clean tablecloth.

Want to find out more?  Browse all designs or read our FAQs for more information.  Remember to place your order before 20th December to ensure pre-Christmas delivery.