The sun is starting to shine down on us with a bit more regularity these days, which can only mean one thing for Brits up and down the country - barbecue time! People all over the UK will be making sure that their fridges and freezers are well stocked with burgers, hot dogs and ribs for the next few weeks, but there's one thing you really do need to have to make sure that al fresco dining remains fun in the sun and that's an easy-to-clean tablecloth.


Spillages are bound to happen when you're having a bit of a party but you can keep messes to a minimum and make sure that they're very easy to wipe up if you think about the material your tablecloth is made from. Whether you fancy a cloth made from PVC, oilcloth or vinyl, you'll definitely find one that suits your style perfectly as there are so many different designs out there.


If you've got young children, you might want to go for something with a really cute pattern on it, or if you'd prefer some serious style on your picnic table, you could opt for a cloth with a beautiful apple blossom print on it. But whatever pattern you choose, the best thing about these cloths is that spills don't sink into the fabric, so they will last longer and not be ruined... even if you spill something like red wine on them, which is notoriously difficult to get out! So for the perfect barbecue this year, make sure you have your wipe-clean tablecloth at the ready.