With 2018 being the Chinese Year of the Dog, we were inspired to showcase our two canine-inspired wipe clean tablecloth designs.  Both are fun yet stylish and, if you’re a fellow dog lover, they’re a great way to inject a bit of your personality into your home.

Hound Dog oilcloth tablecloth

This is a super-sweet wipe clean tablecloth design featuring a cute Daschund on a duck egg background.  His black ears and tail add a striking contrast to bring this striking oilcloth tablecloth to life.

Man’s Best Friend oilcloth tablecloth

For a slightly more traditional design, you may like to consider Man’s Best Friend with its gorgeous collection of some of our favourite dog breeds.  Featuring greys, browns and white on a neutral polka dot background, this tablecloth is easy to use in almost any style of home and with many room colour schemes.

Inspirational tablecloth designs

If you prefer cats over dogs, then our Cat and Mouse oilcloth tablecloth might be just what you’re looking for.  Why not browse our collection of Pets and Wildlife section to find the perfect animal-themed addition to your kitchen? 

Why use a Wipe Easy tablecloth?

Wipe clean tablecloths not only look good, they’re easy to look after too.  Instead of having to wash and iron your tablecloth after use, you simply wipe away mess and spills and that’s it, the tablecloth is ready to be used again. 

When you’ve chosen a design you love, take a look at our instructions on how to measure your tablecloth so that you get the measurements just right.  It’s important that you allow for a neat overhang at the corners and edges of your table - a well-fitting tablecloth will give a much neater finished look.

We also offer the option of adding bias binding to the edges of your tablecloth.  It’s not necessary as our oilcloth and PVC tablecloths will not fray, but some people prefer the look of this stitched edging.

If you have an extra-large or round table, we can usually meet your requirements.  You’ll see in the ‘shape and length’ section by the side of your chosen design that we can accommodate square, round and rectangular tables, and add a neat centre seam if you need extra width.  We are always happy to help if you’re not sure about sizing – simply get in touch on 01606 833886.

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