We’re already in the mood for Christmas here at Wipe Easy Tablecloths, and so too it seems are our customers. 

Stag Silver, a new addition to our Christmas tablecloths range, is already proving a popular choice. 

The combination of the stag outline on a grey/silver background is such a modern Christmas theme, though it will look good when used before and after the festive period.  Perhaps what makes this our most popular Christmas tablecloth so far is that it’s a timeless style, so is suitable for a modern or traditional kitchen.

Stag Silver is an oilcloth tablecloth but we also have beautiful Teflon-coated and PVC Christmas tablecloths.  Browse our Christmas tablecloth designs.

Why use a wipe clean tablecloth at Christmas?

If you’re entertaining this Christmas, we think there’s enough to do without having to launder your table linen.  That’s why plastic, vinyl or Teflon-coated tablecloths work so well – they not only look fabulous but they’re also really easy to keep clean.  You simply wipe away any spills or mess with a damp cloth and that’s it, your tablecloth remains looking as good as new. 

A wipeable tablecloth is particularly helpful if you’re preparing both lunch and dinner as you won’t need to change the tablecloth in between sittings.  It’s one less thing to worry about.