If you’ve already got a PVC tablecloth or oilcloth tablecloth, why not enhance the look by matching the colours with a pretty posy of flowers?  It’s easy – just choose flowers or a vase in a complementary or contrasting shade and your kitchen will look instantly brighter and fresher.

See a few ideas below to inspire you to give your table a Springtime look.  All of the flowers work well on their own, just bunched together in a pretty vase or container - so you don’t have to spend a fortune at the florists, in fact have you seen the great quality flowers you can get at Aldi for under £5? 

Daffodils, hyacinths and tulips are nature’s reminders that Winter is drawing to a close.   Any flower with a large daisy-like head looks pretty in a family kitchen.  Bunch them together in a glass vase, or use an old jug to show them off.  Gerberas are always a good choice with their large heads and bright colours, either create a posy of matching colours or mix them up for a cheerful contrast.

We hope you enjoy creating some of these pretty posies.  Feel free to send in your photos to sales@wipeeasytablecloths.com or post them to our Facebook page.