Spooky Halloween party games for children

A Halloween party is a great excuse for some fun and games for guests of all ages. Here are some of our favourites: 

Apple bobbing – no Halloween party would be complete without a spot of good old-fashioned apple bobbing! Fill a container with water, add some apples and challenge your guests to retrieve the apples with their teeth – no hands allowed! 

Pin the broomstick on the witch – a Halloween version of the popular ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ game. Draw a witch on a large piece of paper and cut out a picture of a broomstick for each player. When it’s their turn, blindfold each player, spin them round and watch as they try to pin the broomstick in the correct place. The most accurate player wins.

Skelton scavenger – try this fun game from spoonful.com. All you have to do is cut out different parts of the skeleton, hide them around your house and garden and challenge your guests to re-assemble the skeleton in full on a large sheet of paper. Reward for all players when the skeleton is complete!

Guess the ghost – this is a great group game from netmums. The children sit in a big circle. While you play music, one child is blindfolded and walks around the circle, touching the other children's heads. When the music stops, the child that the person who is 'it' has their hands on must let out a ghostly wail. The person who is 'it' must try and guess who it is. If they guess correctly they swap around. If they do not guess correctly they go around the circle again.

Pop goes the pumpkin – a nice, easy way to get little children involved in the party. Create a wall of orange balloons (create the shape of a pumpkin a la Martha Stewart if you’re feeling creative) and let your guests have fun popping them. Add a sweet surprise to each balloon if you like!


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