Seven Ways to Use Pumpkin This Halloween

No vegetable better encapsulates the spirit of Halloween than the humble pumpkin. They are carved into lanterns, eaten in soups and pies and even used as a costume idea for parties. 

I’m sure everyone has, at some point in their life, carved the classic pumpkin face of evil slit-like eyes and a jagged, spiky mouth. But what if you fancy trying something new? There are so many more unusual ways to carve up a pumpkin – here are seven creative ideas, plus a few recipes to make good use of that scooped-out pumpkin flesh. 

1. Pumpkin House

This is by far one of my favorite ideas! Instead of transforming your pumpkin into an evil glowing face; maybe try carving it into a lovely house. Simply cut windows and doors into the hollowed pumpkin and there you have it. Once lit, it looks like there is someone at home in the cosy Halloween house.

 You could even carve several and create a beautiful ‘pumpkin hollow’

2. Pumpkin House Number

This is a great idea if you’re having a Halloween party. You can let your guests know which house on the street is holding spooky gathering, whilst making your house number clear and easy to read on a cold, dark evening. 

Simply carve your house number into a pumpkin, or a series of pumpkins and let their orange glowing light guide your guests inside. 

3. Pumpkin Man 

Why stop at just one pumpkin? Try this idea and create a pumpkin man – similar to how you would sculpt a snowman. Stack three or four pumpkins on top of each other and etch on the head and body – adding twigs and a hat to complete the look.  

4. Forest At Night 

A forest at night is not only spooky but beautiful. Similar to how you can create a pumpkin man, stack several pumpkins on top of each other and etch a crescent moon on the top.  Add lots of tiny holes further down to create glowing stars. Draw or etch the shape of a gnarled, wintry tree growing across several pumpkins and the look is complete. 

5. Pumpkins Flames 

This is a simple yet effective idea, which works best if you have several pumpkins to play with. Carve flame-like wisps of fire onto each pumpkin and stack them together (in the fireplace, if you’ve got one) and you’ll have an eerie, glowing pumpkin fire. 

6. Scream 

If you’re still keen to carve a face into you pumpkin, then why not try this eye-catching design? Simply carve eyes, nose and a shocked mouth and hands at either side of the face; so that it looks like the pumpkin man is clasping his face in horror. You could even use your own hands to draw around, to give a personal touch to the pumpkin’s design.

 7. Pumpkin Owl 

This friendly owl is a lovely way to use a pumpkin or two. You’ll need one large pumpkin and three mini ones (two for the eyes and one to cut up to create a beak).

 If you still want the traditional glowing effect, instead of sticking things onto the pumpkin, you could carve out eyes and a beak.

Delicious Pumpkin Recipes 

After all that pumpkin carving, you’re going to have a lot of pumpkin flesh leftover. Many people would throw this away, but this seems like such a waste as there are so many great recipes out there for pumpkin-filled Halloween food – perfect for parties.


You may have heard of pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup, but what about these more unusual ideas?


Try the Hubble Bubble Pumpkin Pot. This dish is simple yet packed with flavour, perfect for making with kids. The pot combines bacon, leeks, pumpkin and rice for a healthy and nutritious supper. Tuck in by the light of your glowing pumpkin!


Or if you fancy a treat, bake some Sticky Toffee Pumpkin Cakes which is always a winner if you’re having a party. These Cakes are deliciously sticky!


You could also try Pumpkin Bread Pudding – a Halloween equivalent of the classic bread and butter pudding. This dessert is cosy and warming, perfect to come home to after a cold evening ‘trick or treating’.


If you’re having a party and want to display your glowing pumpkins and tasty Halloween food, then why not take a look at our spooky range of tablecloths, to create the perfect backdrop. We have a Midnight Blue Tablecloth covered in beautiful stars – ideal for a magical-themed Halloween party. We also have a Charcoal Victorian Oilcloth, Damask Tablecloth and a Black Dotty Tablecloth, which would all create a dark background, perfect for the Halloween festivities.

 I hope this inspires you to get creative this Halloween. It’s time to get carving and cooking (and put on your witches hat!)


Denise x

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