The nautical look is a favourite among homeowners around the UK and shows no signs of dying out, so if you're keen to bring this theme into your house without spending a huge amount on paint and lots of knick-knacks, invest in an easy-to-clean tablecloth that mirrors this trend.


You could go for something simple like a plain blue or white cloth that will look lovely on your kitchen table and show off your cutlery and crockery to perfection, but if you're after something a little more special you'll find that there are lots of options out there to help you get the look with ease.


Beach huts are big news right now for home decor and luckily you can get cloths in a variety of materials that come with these fun little designs on them - perfect if you're trying to bring the seaside into your home... without all the sand, of course! You can also get cloths with amazingly funky fish on them, which will sure to be a talking point around the dinner table, or you could invest in a beautiful boat-patterned cloth to really complete your nautical theme.


Whatever pattern you go for, you'll be able to buy your cloth in a range of materials. If you have young children or are planning a big party and are worried about spillages, then an oil cloth version could be a great idea, as this means that any accidents that do happen are easy to clean up afterwards. And you know your tablecloth will stand the test of time!