Quirky tablescaping with a Gluggle Jug

Have you ever wanted to turn your ordinary dining table into a whimsical wonderland of creativity and charm? That’s precisely the magic of quirky tablescaping! It’s not just about setting the table: it’s about turning it into a delightful theatrical scene.

Whether you have a varied collection of crockery or take a trip down to the local charity shop, you can achieve this fun tablescaping idea. Try using a mishmash of vintage china in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Use vibrant colours, the brighter the better and let your creativity take over. Embrace the unexpected and surprise your guests with your courage and individuality.

Incorporate boardgames as tablemats, use colourful socks as cutlery holders and dont forget the pièce de resistance – it could be a funky cake stand made from a plate sitting on a mismatching bowl or a whimsical teapot bursting with vibrant faux flowers. We love our glug jug purchased from TK Maxx recently.

Your guests will be enchanted by your tablescaping fun and you’ll create unforgettable memories amidst your one-of-a-kind table décor.

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Styled on Juicy Fruits PVC tablecloth.