If you follow us on Facebook then you’ll know that we run weekly competitions on our page, with winners chosen from people who upload photos of their brand new PVC tablecloths sitting pretty on their kitchen tables (or wherever else!).

Because of Christmas, we haven’t been running the competition but we’re back now with a vengeance and are happy to tell you that our first winner is Jack Macdonald who sent us in this absolutely gorgeous photo of our big dot graphite tablecloth.

PVC tablecloth

It looks really smart on his table and goes very well with his plush chairs. Great colour coordination, Jack!

And our second winner is Rose Vears, who sent us this photo of her new oil fabric cloth. It looks great under that table runner and we’re sure that many a happy family meal will take place here. And the bonus? There’s no need to worry about any mess, since you can just wipe it off the cloth with ease. It’s a win-win!

PVC tablecloth

Do you want to take part in our next competition? There are different prizes to win each week, so just wait until you get your new tablecloth, set it up on your kitchen table and snap a few photos. Who knows? It could very easily be you – plus you get to take centre stage on our blog and see your home up in lights online. You can’t say fairer than that.

We can’t wait to see our tablecloths in situ so keep sending those photos in, everyone.