Oilcloth, vinyl and PVC tablecloths – what’s the difference?

When choosing your perfect tablecloth, the right colour and pattern aren’t the only considerations. You’ll also need to think about the type of material you need your tablecloth to be made from to achieve the look that’s right for your business, kitchen or dining room. Here’s our quick and simple explanation of the difference between oilcloth, vinyl and PVC tablecloths.

PVC tablecloths

PVC tablecloths offer really good value – they’re made from 100% plastic and are generally cheaper than oilcloth or vinyl. You may find a PVC tablecloth doesn’t drape at the edges of your table as naturally as oilcloth or vinyl. These days, PVC is very high quality, although you may find it’s slightly less hardwearing over a long period of time or with heavy use. That’s because it doesn’t have the cotton base that comes with oilcloth and vinyl.

Oilcloth tablecloths

An oilcloth tablecloth is generally very hard-wearing – that’s because it’s made from 100% high quality cotton with a PVC coating.  You’ll notice that the material will drape more naturally over the edges of your table.

Vinyl tablecloths

A vinyl tablecloth is the same as an oilcloth tablecloth – it’s 100% high quality cotton and coated with PVC. We use both terms because we have found that customers use both names to describe the same

Whether you choose a PVC, vinyl or oilcloth tablecloth you’ll find they’re practical, water-resistant and easy to keep clean. We offer free samples so you can choose the material and design that best suits your home or workplace.

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