When choosing a wipe clean tablecloth, you’ll notice that different designs are described as oilcloth, PVC, vinyl or Teflon-coated.  It can be confusing to know which to choose – so let us explain the difference.

What is an oilcloth tablecloth?

An oilcloth tablecloth is a fabric tablecloth (usually cotton) which has been coated in oil.  Oilcloth is well-known for its waterproofing qualities.  We like it as a tablecloth material as it is strong and durable as well as soft, so you get an attractive drape effect over the edges and corners of your table.

There are lots of oilcloth tablecloths here at Wipe Easy.  Our William Morris oilcloth tablecloth range is among our most popular.


Vinyl and Teflon-coated tablecloths

Vinyl and Teflon-coated tablecloths are also based on fabric.  The fabric is given a vinyl or Teflon coating, increasing its waterproof quality and making it an ideal material for tablecloths.  People often use the terms vinyl, Teflon-coated and oilcloth interchangeably. 

With a vinyl or teflon-coated tablecloth, you’ll find you get the same softness and drape effect.  So if you like a design it doesn’t matter whether it’s vinyl, Teflon-coated or oilcloth, you’ll still get the same hard-wearing, draping tablecloth for your home or business.

What is a PVC tablecloth?

With a PVC tablecloth, a design is printed on to a plastic surface.   Whereas vinyl and oilcloth tablecloths are fabric tablecloths with a coating, a PVC tablecloth has no fabric, though it does have a white non-woven backing.

A PVC tablecloth will still require minimum maintenance – just a wipe with a clean cloth after use – but it will be slightly stiffer in texture so will not drape as well at the corners and edges of your table.  PVC and plastic tablecloths tend to be slightly cheaper than other types of wipe clean tablecloth.

All wipe clean tablecloths will be hard wearing and practical for everyday use as they require very little maintenance.  You’ll need to be careful as some spills such as nail varnish, curry sauce and tomato-based sauces can stain - more details are available on our Help section.

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