Do you like our mood board featuring 8 coordinating tablecloth designs?

If you have thought about mixing patterns and colours in your interior design scheme but find it a bit daunting, here are some tips to help you.

You might be thinking about selecting a tablecloth for your kitchen table that will coordinate with existing patterns in your curtains or soft furnishings. Or maybe you are a café owner with a number of small tables that you want to cover with coordinating tablecloths.

The key to mixing your designs successfully is to balance your patterns and colours.

  • Choose two colours that are of the same intensity and that work well in your space. Then choose a neutral like white, grey or ivory that will balance out these two colours.

  • Select three or more different patterns that will work well together in the two colours that you have selected. Either choose a large, medium and small pattern or one large and two medium-sized patterns. You can mix stripes, florals, geometrics and checks but make sure they contain no more than one or two of the colours you have selected or the neutral.

  • Distribute the patterns evenly across the room so that the space looks balanced.

  • Vary the scale of your patterns. For example, a wide stripe would work well with medium dots. Just choose patterns that you love and think more about whether the colours go well together, rather than the patterns.

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From top left clockwise:

Cotswold Oatmeal Oilcloth

Polka Dot Natural Oilcloth

Trail Natural Oilcloth

Dainty Dotty Fern Oilcloth

Bees Linen Oilcloth

Dainty Dotty Slate Oilcloth

Confetti Duck Egg Oilcloth

Linum Taupe Oilcloth