When you’ve chosen your new wipeable tablecloth, the next step is to measure your table to ensure you get the right fit. 

All of our tablecloths are cut according to your specifications so that they fit well, giving a neat and tidy finished look on your table.

The most important thing to remember when measuring your table for a tablecloth is to allow for an overhang so that it drapes neatly over the corners and edges of your table.

When you browse our range, you’ll see the width of each oilcloth, Teflon-coated or PVC tablecloth is stated alongside the image.  While most tables suit the standard width, usually 135cm or 140cm, some tables are narrower and some are wider. 

If your table is wider then you’ll need to look at our extra wide oilcloth and Teflon coated tablecloths, some of which are up to 175 cm, and we can add a neat centre seam if your table is larger still. 

If your table is narrower, then there are two options to choose from.

Instead of allowing for a 20cm overhang on the length, you could increase this so that the overhang matches the width. Although the overhang would be more than 20cm, it would look better because the overhang would be consistent on all edges of the table.

For example:

Lets’ say your table measures 85 x 150 cm

If you chose Capri Mineral you’ll see it has a standard width of approx. 135cm, so you would have an overhang of 25cm each side on the width.  As a result, we would recommend you have the same on the length, so should order a length of 200cm.

Alternatively, we can reduce the width of your chosen design so that you have a consistent 20cm overhang around your table. There is an additional charge of £3.50 for tablecloths which need to be reduced in width.

Either method will ensure you have a consistent overhang along both the width and length of your table, giving a nicer finished look.

Read our simple instructions on how to measure your table for a tablecloth, or view our short You Tube video.

If you’re unsure, then please do get in touch. We will be pleased to help you ensure you get the right size of tablecloth for your table.