Now that we are into the lovely summer weather, you are probably spending much more time in the garden. So, have you noticed all the garden birds?

They will all be well into their nesting season by now and the first batch of eggs in those cleverly crafted nests will have hatched. The parents will be busy feeding their chicks and some will have fledged and will have started their flying lessons!

There should be plenty of food at this time of year in our gardens for these growing families such as insects, worms, seeds and berries. But if you like to put out bird food, you will find plenty of scraps in the kitchen that the birds will love. Wrens and robins love crumbled or grated cheese, whilst apples and pears are a favourite of blackbirds and thrushes who also love dried fruit, but it does need to be soaked first. Most birds will enjoy crumbled wholemeal bread and stale cake and if you have any bacon rind, this can be chopped up or hung on string from the branch of a tree.

This Garden birds oilcloth is perfect for an outdoor table and with a great range of colours within the design, tablescaping with your crockery, mats and glassware should be a breeze.