Let the kids get messy!

Most kids like to be messy and the summer holidays are a great time for letting them loose with paint, glue and water.

While it’s a delight to watch little ones revel in their creativity, even the calmest parent or carer can’t help but think about all the clearing up there is to do afterwards. How many of us have set out with good intentions for a happy hour of messy play, only to spoil the fun by insisting our children play in a tidy way? It’s understandable, but does tend to limit spontaneity, and makes us feel old and grumpy in the process!  

One of the ways to reduce the chance of your child’s messy playtime turning into an hour’s cleaning time for you is to use a wipeable tablecloth. Our oilcloth fabric comes in a wide range of fabulous designs which children love, and they’re so easy to keep clean. There’s no need to worry about your child getting mess all over your table – simply wipe your tablecloth clean with a damp cloth.

Lots of parents use our tablecloths on their kitchen and dining tables, as well as in their kids’ playrooms, for arts and crafts at a table or on the floor. They’re also suitable for use outdoors - we are able to cut a parasol hole in your chosen tablecloth, so it will fit your garden table perfectly. So there’s no need for your resolution to stay calm and enjoy lots of quality playtime with your youngster to wane during the summer holidays. Keep tidy with a wipeable oilcloth and let your child’s imagination go wild!