Wipe clean tablecloths are ultra-easy to look after.  No need to wash, dry and iron - you simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth after each mealtime. 

You need to be aware that there are a few stubborn items which can stain PVC, oilcloth and Teflon-coated tablecloths.  You can find out more on our FAQ page, but beware of spilling some tomato-based and curry sauces as well as ink, shoe polish, nail varnish and lipstick. Newspaper print can also leave a mark if the tablecloth is not completely dry.  If any of these items do come into contact with your tablecloth, wipe them away straight away, though there could still be a permeant mark.

You should also be wary of heat damage. Your wipe clean tablecloth is not heat resistant so will be damaged if you place hot dishes directly onto it, and your table could be marked too.  It’s best to use heat resistant table mats and trivets with your tablecloth.

To store your tablecloth when not in use, it’s best to roll it up (or place it back in the tube if you opted for roll delivery).  This will avoid creases which can take time to drop out if the tablecloth is folded.

Everyday spills and mess are easy to manage with your wipe clean tablecloth.  By wiping it with a clean damp cloth after each mealtime your tablecloth should continue to look good for months and even years to come.

One of the benefits of a wipe clean tablecloth is that you can use it to protect your furniture when using your table outside of mealtimes.  For example, the tablecloth can act as a barrier to reduce the chances of scratches if you use your table for work or homework (though be careful not to get ink on it!) 

If you have young children or grand-children, you can cover your table while they play with water, sand or paint - and you can enjoy the fun knowing that your furniture is not going to be damaged. Some customers have told us they have even used their Wipe Easy tablecloth underneath their table during messy playtimes to protect their floor and to make clearing up a doddle!

If you’ve previously been put off trying a wipe clean or oilcloth tablecloth because you like the look and feel of linen, perhaps the time has come to re-think.  PVC tablecloths are brilliant for their wear and durability but if you want a cloth which drapes over the corners and edges of your table, opt for an oilcloth design.  You’ll get a beautiful look for your table but won’t have to make so much effort to keep it clean.