If you’ve got your barbecue out for the summer and are looking for a quick starter then these delicious kebabs are the tasty answer.

Recipe styled on Beach Huts Neopolitan with a pre-cut parasol hole in brass.

You can prepare the kebabs earlier in the day and keep them in the fridge until you need them.

Once you have put the prepared kebabs on the barbecue for a couple of minutes, transfer them to a serving plate, drizzle with honey and lightly sprinkle with paprika and they’re good to go!

Padron peppers are tiny green peppers from Spain that can be found in supermarkets in the fresh section and they need no preparation at all.

Serves 4 - 6 



  • 130g padron peppers
  • 150g sliced chorizo
  • 1 block of halloumi cheese cut into chunky fingers
  • 1 tbsp clear honey
  • sea salt for sprinkling
  • smoked paprika for sprinkling



1.  Preheat your barbecue and soak 12 wooden skewers in cold water for about 15 minutes.

2.  Thread the peppers, folded chorizo slices and halloumi onto the skewers until you have used up all the ingredients.

3.  Place on the barbecue grid over the white coals and cook until they are just starting to char, then turn over.

4.  Put onto a serving platter, drizzle with honey and sprinkle with paprika and salt.  Enjoy!