Here comes the sun!

Springtime is here which means that we’ll finally be swapping our wellingtons for sunglasses. Here are a few tips for making the most of your garden and creating a delightful little space full of the joys of spring!

Dust Off The BBQ

Whether it’s been hiding away in the garage all winter or bearing the brunt of the cold and rain, it’s time to shine up that barbeque and prepare for the springtime festivities. Depending on the abuse inflicted on it by the weather you’re going to have to either clean the wire racks or invest in some new ones. Clean them with regular dish soap if they’re coated steel, but if they’re iron make sure you use only hot water and a wire brush.

Sweep out and clean the grate and swat up on your jerk chicken and grilled summer veg recipes! If you’re not yet the proud owner of a traditional barbeque, you can create your own fire pit using bricks, paving slabs and this tutorial- a great DIY project for springtime.  

Re-Vamp Your Flowerbeds

Once the frost lifts from your garden you’ll notice infant blooms emerging and fresh branches budding on fruit trees. To encourage the growth of your plants and vegetables prune away any dead leaves and branches to make way for new springtime bursts!

Pull up any annuals such as petunias and geraniums along with any weeds, and trim back your perennials. The transition from winter to spring is the perfect time to plant bulbs and bare-root shrubs.

Prepare For Picnics!

With this arrival of sunshine imminent it is imperative that you invest in a picnic table. You’ll need something to rest your summer spoils, glasses of wine and water on above ground level so that insects and other wildlife don’t take the opportunity to take a dip!

There’s nothing better than serving up a fresh picnic for a gathering; an excuse to not only showcase your culinary skills (or in my case, outstanding microwave talents) but to enjoy the company of friends and family on a beautiful day. A great finishing touch is a colourful and practical wipe-clean tablecloth to minimise clean-up afterwards. You can also request a parasol hole with all of ours, which helps to provide invaluable shade for your seasonal feasts. Springtime favourites include Bird Trail Seafoam and Daisy, both of which lend a gorgeous splash of colour to any mealtime.

Pest Control

Whilst all creatures great and small are marvellous in measure, if your plants are at the mercy of slugs and snails they won’t be able to thrive. Try to stay away from chemical pest control as they too can have a negative impact on the little ecosystem in your garden. Eggshells are a popular deterrent when combined with coffee grounds and sprinkled around plants to catch any unwanted visitors.

You can also find organic pest sprays which will take care of any aphids who might be eyeing up your plants for their next meal. Keep your garden full of life by catching pests early and relocating them to somewhere that restricts their access to your blossoms and vegetables. And then just sit back, and enjoy!

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