If you are looking for an eye catching table decoration this summer, then we have the answer. These garden flowers are arranged in Granny Smith apples with the centres hollowed out and then filled with water.

We have used 7 apples for this display, but depending on the size of your table, you could use as many as you like and have them running all the way down the centre for maximum impact. If you have a circular table we can cut a tablecloth to the right size for you and the display could be arranged in a ring in the centre of the table.

The shiny green apples and colourful yellow and white flowers look stunning arranged in a row on the Verve Bluebell oilcloth tablecloth but you could use flowers and fruit that complement the colours of your own Wipe Easy tablecloth. Alternatively order a tablecloth from our wide range of designs that picks out the colours of the flowers and fruit you want to use for your table display.