So, you’ve got your deliciously creamy Camembert, a crisp baguette, sliced saucisson and bottle of red Burgundy, now all you need is a French tablecloth. Here at Wipe Easy have a range of tablecloths that are perfect for your French style table setting. Whether it’s the Trail Blue Oilcloth featured in this photo, a rustic country-style check or the jet setting Parisienne oilcloth, you’ll find the right cloth for your kitchen.

Remember we can cut your cloth to the right size and shape and if you want box corners we can sort that for you too. Once you have selected the style from our range of French tablecloths, you can complete the look with napkins and a table decoration that will coordinate with your cloth.

Choosing a French menu is easy with so many ideas online and whilst you are planning, you can get into the mood by playing some French music.

Bon appetit!